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mobility equipment

These are the initiatives we are undertaking to help the physically disabled to improve their quality of life.

air pressure mattress Air Pressure Mattress

Alternating pressure mattress has built in pumps that continually redistribute air pressure. The continually changing air pressure keeps body fluids moving, offers pressure relief, improves blood circulation, and prevents bed sores in people who stay in bed most of the time.

air pressure mattress

air pump ... antislip pad ... vinyl material

For detail specification of the mattress click here, chinese version click here.

air pressure mattress Pylon


The development of the pylon began with the advice from Dr Sheung Wai Law and Professor K M Chan of Stand Tall China project. Pylons are much needed for the Sichuan earthquake amputee victims. Patients will be supplied with the pylons which are temporary, or preparatory, prostheses. With the use of pylon, the healing process is enhanced, patient does not have to be inactive and the circulatory difficulties are avoided. The pylon is also used to prepare the patient for permanent prosthesis.

To learn more on how the plyon works ... read more.

air pressure mattress Wheelchair


We are building a prototype for wheelchair that will help the physically disabled to get in and out of taxi and passenger cars.

Your ideas or suggestions are most welcome!